Mega Hauler-Residential

Mega Hauler-Residential


This robust medium sized hauler's width (26.5")  is designed for narrower doors and ramps. The Carry-All Haul'n Cruiser has one cargo hold, easily carries standard size coolers (16" wide x 31" long). Whether your cargo includes sail bags, fuel, water, replacement parts, or heading to the beach with a cooler, umbrella, chairs and fishing rods- let the Carry-All Haul'n Cruiser do the work for you.

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  • Cargo Capacity: 350 lbs, 7.5 cubic feet
  • Weight: 20.5 lbs
  • Folded Flat Dimensions: 38.5” Long x 34” Wide x 10” High
  • Tires: Pneumatic-tire and tube
  • Available Colors: Red, blue, green, yellow and black
  • Accessories: Stowage bag and Embroider logo; yacht name, owner’s name and/or your own design onto bag sides
  • Stowage: On deck or below. - Need a cart to fit a stowage space? Let us design this cart for you. See our Custom Mobiles webpage
  • Access: All standard doors/gates (Unfolded: 26.5” wide)
  • Use: Simply unpack your cart from the box, read the directions, attach each wheel and go.
  • Materials: Made with marine grade aluminum, stainless steel and high strength nylon wheels to prevent rust. Aluminum marine grades are highly corrosion resistant for long life outdoors. Load carrying bags are Cordura nylon, same material used by the military, commercial and recreational products.

Carry-All Haul'n Cruiser Description:

Constantly moving gear from house to yacht and back? This well balanced heavy hauling cart has a narrower width that permits ease of navigation thru gates and doorways, down crowded docks to your yacht. Spend your time on the water, rather than lugging gear. Heading to the beach? Pack this cart full with a cooler, chairs, umbrella and fishing gear. At just 26.5" wide this cart is easily wheeled along sidewalks, busy parking lots and with 20" back country tires it can be wheeled over the sand and thru the mud.

At just 20.5 lbs the Carry-All Haul’n Cruiser is half the weight of other marine folding carts, yet hauls the same or greater cargo at 350 lbs.  Residential ramps and gangways vary in width, even the narrowest are typically 28" wide or greater, which allows two people to pass. The Carry All Haul'n Cruiser's width (26.5") was designed for use on these narrow ramps and gangways.This cart is ideal for hauling anchors, water, fuel, rope – any miscellaneous boat gear, parts and equipment. Outboard grease gets on bag? No problem, simply reverse and clean.

The Carry-All Haul ‘n Cruiser is also great for gardening, transporting firewood or even carrying supplies in a restaurant or hotel. The cart’s design makes light work of heavy loads.