Carry-All City Companion

Carry-All City Companion


Carry-All City Companion is super light (just 8.5 lbs) capable of carrying 150 lbs. of gear. Light loads the cart can be wheeled like rolling luggage or for heavier loads both handles can be used. Heading out for the day? Grab the City Companion's knapsack shoulder strap, enjoy your day, stop and shop on your way home. Fold the loaded cart and carry like a tote!

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  • Cargo Capacity: 150 lbs, 3.75 cubic feet
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Folded Flat Dimensions: 25.5” Long x 25” Wide x 5.75” High
  • Tires: Maintenance free solid urethane tires
  • Available Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black
  • Accessories: Day knapsack, Embroider logo; yacht name, owner’s name and/or your own design onto bag sides
  • Stowage: Marine Deck & Dock Storage Boxes 25” wide and up. Need a cart to fit a stowage space? Let us design a cart for you. See our Custom Mobile webpage
  • Access: All standard doors/gates (Unfolded: 19.375” wide)
  • Use: Simply unpack your cart from the box, read the directions, attach each wheel and go.
  • Materials: Made with marine grade aluminum, stainless steel and high strength nylon wheels to prevent rust. Aluminum marine grades are highly corrosion resistant for long life outdoors. Load carrying bags are Cordura nylon, same material used by military, commercial and recreational products..

Our patent pending designs place cart handles outside of the wheels. This allows our carts to be used like rolling luggage without your heels constantly contacting the cart while walking. 

Carry All City Companion Description:

Heading out for the day, don’t forget your Carry All City Companion. Put your drinks and food in the cart’s knapsack, grab the shoulder strap and off you go. Enjoy your day and on your way home stop to shop. At a super light 8.5 lbs this cart can haul your heaviest grocery and shopping extravaganzas. 

Great for public transportation, cruising and traveling by train. The Carry All City Companion is a great for laundry in the city or in the marina. Love the beach? This cart will revolutionize the way pack for day in the sand. Love to camp? No more hauling bags, water and trash to and from your campsite. Pack up your cart and your good to go! Using your Carry All City Companion is quick, easy and convenient.