Mega Hauler Commercial

Mega Hauler Commercial


The Mega Hauler has 7.5 cubic feet of cargo area, weighs 21.5 lbs. and carries 350 lbs. of cargo. With a single cargo hold it will carry most anything (19.75" wide x 27.75" long). Reduce the number of trips hauling gear, carrying luggage or lugging groceries. The Carry-All Mega Hauler can do it all and more!

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  • Cargo Capacity: 350 lbs, 7.5 cubic feet
  • Weight: 21.5 lbs
  • Folded Flat Dimensions: 35.5” Long x 31.5” Wide x 8.5” High
  • Tires: Pneumatic-tire and tube
  • Available Colors: Red, blue, green, yellow and black
  • Accessories: Stowage bag and Embroider logo; yacht name, owner’s name and/or your own design onto bag sides
  • Stowage: On deck or below. Need a cart to fit a stowage space? Let us design this cart for you. See our Custom Mobiles web page
  • Access: Standard 32” wide doors/gates (Unfolded: 30.5” wide)
  • Use: Simply unpack your cart from the box, read the directions, attach each wheel and go.
  • Materials: Made with marine grade aluminum, stainless steel and high strength nylon wheels to prevent rust. Aluminum marine grades are highly corrosion resistant for long life outdoors. Load carrying bags are Cordura nylon, same material used by for military, commercial and recreational products.

Carry-All Mega Hauler Description:

Whether your yacht is crewed or not, the Carry-All Mega Hauler with 7.5 cubic feet of cargo volume significantly reduces the time in port to re-provision before getting underway. The Carry-All Mega Hauler easily transports luggage, gear and marine supplies. At 30.5" wide this hauler is easily guided through standard 32” commercial and residential doorways. 

Planning a day at the beach? Load this cart up with coolers, chairs, umbrella, tackle box and rods. Enjoy your walk to the beach with this well balanced cart design.