Waveony folding carts are shipped without the wheels attached to reduce shipping costs. Simply unpack, read the directions, mount each wheel and go! Our engineering design and fabrication experience provides you with the lightest, most feature filled, collapsible, 150 & 350 lb cargo capacity haulers available. At Waveony safety comes first, our carts are designed with the lowest load center of gravity of any other cart. This increases cart stability, which directly translates to a solid, balanced feel while hauling. This low load center of gravity was a founding feature of Waveony carts.

Evolution of Waveony carts began while racing on a 42 foot trimaran for seven years. Arriving at a port typically involved crew running a variety of errands. Being the youngest crew member often meant traveling the greatest distances, which included lugging supplies back to the trimaran. I often thought there had to be a better way as the plastic bags cut circulation.

It was not till years later that a concept for the carts unfolded. Down east Maine has a few rock beaches whose physical topology and wave action are conducive to constantly rolling granite and slate boulders until they are round to egg-like in geometry. These beautiful stones being ground to shape by the changing tides, create a sound as if the sea is growling, hence their name “Growlers”. Growlers can weigh 70- 100 lbs., moving a growler from the beach is not a problem if the car is a short distance away. But that is the problem, the vehicle is about 4 miles away, along a foot trail that goes up and down over rock outcrops, through bog areas and to make matters worse, there is over a 100 ft drop to the beach. The descent is a rock strewn, switch back trail.

Hence the patent pending evolution of a lightweight, low center of gravity and aluminum framed cart with a fabric load bearing cargo hold. This single wheeled cart tracked wonderfully behind during the hike to the beach. A waist belt and shoulder harness distributed the load similar to a backpack. Going downhill it was easy to steer, similar to a wheel barrow.

Following an afternoon of rock hunting the cart was packed full of granite and slate stones. Arriving at the 100 foot climb, it was clearly evident that it was going to take two trips, splitting the load in half, the climb went easily enough. Once on top, full load in the cart, the three mile trek back to the vehicle went well. Up and over numerous rock outcrops and getting through the bog areas demanded focused work with a welcomed rest on the other side. It was not till arriving home that the load of growlers was weighed, without the cart the total catch for the day was 143 lbs., of an artwork of naturally shaped and colored stones, see for yourself. 

Our Story

Our company is a research & development company that is expanding. Our current business base begins with concept creation, design, fabrication and prototype testing of new products to meet the needs of our government through the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program.

On January 1, 2013, our company was established as an unaffiliated small business from Plasan-US. Plasan-US had purchased KaZaK Composites in June, 2011 after KaZaK was in business for over 19 years. Mike McAleenan, KaZaK Composites Principle Investigator and Chief Engineer was selected to lead this new company to maintain KaZaK’s small business efforts designing, developing and manufacturing composite/metallic structural systems for our government and to extend decades of research & development expertise to commercial and residential products. Our company continues to specialize in design and fabrication of high performance hardware systems tailored for production using low-cost automated manufacturing methods.

Our mission is to provide our customers the same level of product performance as demanded by our government’s personnel in the field. We understand product development which begins with a concept and continues with successive refinements utilizing finite element analysis software.  Our design spiral minimizes structural stress through the selection of materials and geometry optimization, ASTM testing, while minimizing cost and weight.

Waveony’s manufacturing facility combines years of low cost manufacturing and hardworking dedicated employees who strive to improve efficiency. Improving efficiency lowers our cost, which in turn lowers the cost of our products. Additional product cost savings are achieved by carefully monitoring overhead costs. Waveony sets a target for overhead costs, such that when added to direct product manufacturing costs, allows us to offer our customers a competitive price for our products. For our small manufacturing company, tight cost controls also means that during our busiest times of the year, our production line may run behind demand for our products. In these instances we notify our customers upfront when to expect delivery of their product.

At Waveony we believe in our country and our citizens. This belief extends to our products and the materials we purchase from our vendors. Each of our vendors fabricate their product in the USA. This includes the aluminum raw stock, ballistic nylon fabric, wheel assemblies and even the rivets!

Mega Hauler & Haul'n Cruiser

Mega Hauler & Haul'n Cruiser

Waveony’s patent pending cart designs will accompany eight other patents. Waveony patents designs to insure our customers receive our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and long lasting quality. It is this finely honed product design expertise that permits our company to provide you with the lightest, most compactly stowed, heavy hauling folding carts. This is the last cart you will need to purchase.