Custom cart design at Waveony first begins with understanding our customer’s requirements. We look beyond our product designs to understand our customers needs, try to stand in their shoes, see their perspective and vision. With our experienced engineers, understanding our customer needs quickly translates their needs into design features, performance and handling requirements. Our success designing custom mobiles is often understood by our customers, as we learn to anticipate different attributes, features and performance enhancements, that often increase our customers excitement about their design. At Waveony we prefer to have our customers part of the design process, encourage their creative input, so as to meet their expectations as our joint efforts arrive at a final design.

Custom Cart Design Example:

In this case, requirements were identified to fit a specific stowage volume, maximize cart cargo capacity and provide handles that feel and function similar to a wheel barrow. Our customer wanted two different cart sizes, first a grocery/ laundry cart and second a medium size cart for yacht replacement parts, anchor/ chain rode and batteries. The carts needed to be lighter than Waveony’s stock carts, provide a similar ease of operation and transport approximately the same weight. 

Since function (maximize cargo hold volume and minimum stowage volume) were of primary interest, a utilitarian cart design evolved. The cart was literally designed around the maximum cargo hold and when folded collapsed into that cargo hold to fit a specific stowage volume. As illustrated the design also feels and functions similar to a wheel barrow.

If our stock designs do not meet your needs, please contact us, we thrive on challenges. Our staff listens intently, will work with you to define your requirements and will integrate you into our design process to ensure the final product meets/ exceeds your expectations.